John L. Dilbeck
Murphy, North Carolina

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I have been a full-time consultant since 1978 and college instructor on and off since 1982. Since 1970 when I first encountered computers and programming, I have worked with a variety of mainframe, mini-, and microcomputers, and have taught hundreds of people how to use their computers more effectively.

Working with computers has been an always interesting, frequently frustrating, and sometimes mystifying experience. I can safely say the same thing about the computer users and owners I've met along the way, as well.

Over the years I've developed some definite opinions about things computerish, and as I have time, I intend to pass some of this hard-earned knowledge along to whomever is interested. I don't promise to always be totally objective, but I intend to be as fair as I can.

When I have the time, I'll be adding some pages here where I will comment on some products, review others, and denounce a few. But these pages will reflect my personal opinion and biases and I won't pretend otherwise.

Time has become a precious commodity to me and I may never get this site to where I want it, but I intend to work towards these goals as I can manage the time and energy.

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